Mr. Rajesh khadka

Mr. Rajesh khadka

Heartfelt congratulations for being enrolled into Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem). I take great privilege to welcome you all to the Department of Civil Engineering, the pioneer department of acem. Civil Engineering is the most preferred engineering discipline for the infrastructural and socio-economic development of the developing country like ours.
The Department of Civil Engineering of acem is highly committed not only to provide academic environment as excellently as possible but also to provide high-quality technical knowledge and tools that enable bright minds to become technically sound, professionally competent, socially responsible and globally competitive civil engineers, committed for the sustainable development of the society with the involvement of highly qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic full time faculties as well as visiting faculty members, other professionals and experts. We are striving hard continuously to improve upon the quality of education and to maintain its position of leadership in engineering and technology. We support and guide the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy technocrat to compete and work at global level. 
I would be very happy to receive any valuable suggestions from your side. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries and information. I look forward to your active and innovative involvement with us.

Er. Rajesh Khadka
Head of Department
Department of Civil Engineering
e-mail: rajesh.khadka@acem.edu.np


Civil engineering is the business of working creatively and co-operatively with the natural world for a sustainable environment to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations. This broad subject of Civil Engineering touches the lives of everyone and has intimate relationship with the natural world and it includes almost all the aspects of designing, building and maintaining of built infrastructures from building to water supply and from transportation to sanitation to name the few. Our purpose is to help Civil Engineering students make a difference through teaching, research and professional work. With the inputs just mentioned, our students will become life long independent learners so as to develop and test the new/creative ideas and hence to promote the deeper understanding of values of Civil engineering.


Course Cycle

SH01 Engineering Mathematics I
ME401: Engineering Drawing1
SH03 Engineeting Chemistry
ME402 Fundamental of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
CT401 Computer Programming
Workshop Technology
CE506 Civil Engineering Materials
SH501 Engineering Mathematics III
CE503 Applied Mechanics(Dynamics)
CE503 Engineering Geology I
CE502 Strength of Materials
CE504 Surveying I
CE505 Fluid Mechanics
CE601 Theory of structures
CE605 Water Supply Engineering
CE606 Engineering hydrology
CE603 Concrete Technology and masonry structure
SH603 Numerical Methods
CE602 Foundation Engineering
CE704 Hydropower Engineering
CE701 Project Engineering
CE703 Transportation EngineeringII
CE705 Estimating & Costing
CE725 Elective I
CE702 Design of RCC Structure
CE451 Applied Mathematics
SH451 Engineering Mathematics II
SH452 Engineering Physics
Ex451 Basic Electronics Engineering
ME451 Engineering Drawing II
EE451 Basic Electrical Engineering
CE555 Hydraulics
CE554 Surveying II
CE551 Theory of Structure
SH552 Probability & Statistics
CE553 Engineering Geology
CE556 Building Drawing
CE552 Soil Mechanics
CE651 Design of Steel and Timber structure
SH651 Communication English
CE655 Engineering Economics
CE652 Building Technology
CE656 Sanitary Engineering
CE653 Transportation Engineering
CE654 Irrigation and Drainage
Survey Camp
Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering
Engineering Professional Practice
Terchnology Evironment and Society
Construction Management
Project (Part II)
Elective II
Elective III