HOD :   Department of Applied Science

Mr. Rajendra Paudyal

Mr. Rajendra Paudyal

Welcome to Advanced Engineering College, Department of Applied Science. Department of Applied Science which is imparting knowledge through teaching activities. Department is efficiently supporting the engineering department by providing high quality of teaching in basic sciences. The purpose of inducing the subjects of Applied Sciences in engineering study is to lay a well-built foundation of basic concepts for various engineering discipline. This department consists of subjects like engineering mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Probability and statistics, Numerical Method, Fundamental of Thermodynamics and heat transfer, Workshop Technology, Engineering Drawing I and II and Professional communication. The competent, assiduous, talented and experienced team of our department has also a vital role to ignite the inner talents of our valued students from diverse backgrounds.
Finally, The goal of this department is imparting the top quality education concerning academic excellence of students.

Department of Applied Science

The Department offers Applied Sciences Courses namely physics, chemistry, mathematics, probability and statistics, communication English and mechanical related subjects as prescribed by the curriculum of institute of engineering, Tribhuvan University. Department of Applied Science looks after the academic and administrative activities of first year students in all engineering program of this college. The Department provides all the material required for the first year, which handles the entire academic issues of the students.
Key Points
1.  Regular interaction with students by department and subject teacher.
2.  Tutorial classes are conducted for each subject
3.  Extra classes are provided for students who need extra effort.
4.  Conduct 'extra package course' after the course completion in each semester.

Mechanical Section

The mechanical section conducts theory and practical sessions of subjects related to Mechanical Engineering which includes Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Engineering Drawing and Workshop Technology for the first year undergraduate students. These subjects help engineering students of every stream to form the core of what it means to be “an engineer” in real life.


Course Cycle