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Bikash Bahadur Shrestha, PEng

HOD Electrical

Bikash Bahadur Shrestha, PEng
Bikash B. Shrestha, PEng is Associated Professor, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Academic Adviser for Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering at Advanced Engineering College & Management, Tribhuvan University, where he has been since 2016. He also currently serves as President of Biomedical Engineering Foundation Nepal (BEFON). From 2000-Till now he is a Visiting Associate Professor at the Institute of Technology, Tribhuvan University. He received a B.Sc. Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 1993. He received his M.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) India in 2001. From 1994 to 2016 he worked at Shree Birendra Hospital, Nepal Army in Kathmandu Nepal, eventually as a Senior Biomedical Engineer. He is First PEng (Professional Engineer)Title holder in Biomedical Engineering in Nepal.

He has recently received "DISTINGUISHED ENTREPRENEUR AWARD" from Nepal Engineers Association. This award was given to him for his dedication toward uplifting Biomedical Engineering Education in Nepal. He has also been honoured for New Management practices in Advanced College of Engineering and Management.

For more information please download:Bikash B Shrestha.pdf