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An Ideal Perception

Posted on May 01, 2021 at 12:16 pm By Admin

An Ideal Perception
An Ideal Perception
an acem stories of Er. Raisha Shrestha

The secret to happiness lies in simplicity!

“Life is not as complicated as it appears to be. Perhaps, everything is about how we perceive things. I say, let us relax a bit and observe around; maybe then the world might seem different.
Of course, the world painted only in uncertainty is bound to look disparate than the one under the blazing lights of countless silver linings.” Er. Raisha Shrestha defined a perception of life in her subtle words.

Yet the younger self of this calm and serene lady was quite mischievous. “I was in school then. Once my mother had warned to tie me up and drain down the water on me. Her words were vivid; and were clearly imprinted on my mind. I was just another scared kid at that time.

After my mother left home, I hastily locked the doors, ran upstairs on the terrace, and threw away the keys in the distant kitchen garden. Later during the evening, when everybody in the family was desperately searching around for the lost keys, I was laughing in my hideout, secretly watching their failed attempts” Ms. Shrestha laughed out loud. Her bygone days happened to breathe happily, reminiscence of mirth.

 “Although I am not the same little girl anymore, I still am a light-hearted person.” She shared before continuing. “I always wonder why we need to learn Stress Management Tips. Let us not take stress at all, then we do not have to manage it anyway. Rather enjoy life as it is.

Whether I have any free time or not, I always manage to read the books, listen to the music & audio books, write poems, and most importantly spend time with my family. I live with my parents, sister and a dog named ‘Puma’.
Well, the enlightening books I came across so far are ‘How to Think like a Monk’, “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’, The Pilgrimage and so on. Some of the collections of my poems are also on YouTube as I love to both write and recite poetries.” Ms. Shrestha informed.

She completed her bachelor’s in engineering from acem itself. After bagging the graduation degree, she worked for some time in a software company, she later joined acem as a Lab Instructor.
She left acem after receiving a full scholarship for Masters in Thammasat University of Bangkok, Thailand. Now, she is back to acem again, as a coordinator of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and as a faculty in Computer Engineering.

“We are all connected in a simple manner. Let us not make it more complicated than it actually is.” Her voice echoed the rhythm of rainfall; consistent yet calm.