acem alumni

acem Alumni

advancing through reconnecting

In the course of many years, Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem) rejoiced the lively academic involvement of many students; representing various cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Although the academic period of time is fixed, like a caring and concerned parent, acem does always want to remain connected with its former families of students. The wings of acem are spreading, stronger and vivid than ever before; yet the warm presence of everybody who flew past them has been cherished forever.

As our alumni are scattered across the world with a high degree of potential, their visions and ideas undoubtedly help to transform as well as strengthen the quality of acem.

In order to stay connected with the expanding family and also to pass on the knowledge and experience acquired in the global platform, acem alumni is all set to solidify various actions.

Vision: acem envisions ‘advancing through reconnecting’.

An alumni team:

  • Mentors and provides proper guidelines to the students.
  • Helps to avoid the gap between academia and industries with bona fide planning.
  • Creates innovative ideas for teaching methodology, various projects, or for any other programs suggested by acem to upgrade the institution.
  • Offers suggestions and constructive criticism for acem regarding any necessary guidelines or changes required or any others as per their intellectual direction.
acem Alumni