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18 Years in acem

Posted on March 19, 2021 at 4:13 pm By Admin

18 Years in acem18 Years in acem
an acem story of Mr. Padam Bhandari

With two elder brothers, 10 years old Mr. Padam Bhandari used to be a way more mischievous than the one seen around in acem’s premise today. “Perhaps, it was around monsoon,’ he recalled the days of his birthplace Melung, Dolakha. His eyes unfocused; probably lost in the drizzle of memories.

 “We used to steal the eggs from the unlocked houses and enjoy the little feast back home. Yet, it does not feel like I also lived the life of that kid,” he chuckled before starting off again. “Years ago during my childhood, the locals of my village used to leave their doors open during the busiest time of the year. Well, mostly in the season of sowing and harvesting, of course.”

The little playful child instantly disappeared as he began to explain his dreams.

“I always dreamed to be a ‘thulo manche’ (a successful person). I wonder I could be one had I continued the school. I ran away from home at the age of 13 in 2036 B.S.; a dazzling thought of Kathmandu lured me.

 A lone teenager was strolling around in the city with a dream of success. But I was neither skilled nor had any educational qualification to back up. I was in third grade when I left school.’ he heaved a sigh; a long one. Perhaps some of the shaded areas under his eyes were layered with such numerous sighs.
And still, with a small smile, he continued.

“Like in a regular village; our family also had cows and buffaloes. Some of the precious memories of my younger days are connected with them as much as that of my brothers.

When the fourth brother was born in the house; I don’t actually remember any special celebration. Yet the radiant face of my mother is still vivid before my eyes. None of my brothers completed school which I quite regret now.
Knowledge is the source of light you know! But one still requires a constant motivator to explain to you why education is important. And what’s more, I feel the guilt; vibrating within like scooped emotions, you know because I could not be the motivator I was talking about earlier.”

 “All the same, I am content now.” He added later. Bhandari has six children and two grandchildren. While one of his sons is working in the reputed bank of the country, others are still struggling to leave a mark.
 “A few years later, I learned to drive which helped me get a job in the nearby school. It was a year later in 2059 B.S., the year he joined Advance College of Engineering. Since then, he is in the acem. Today, Mr. Bhandari works as a chauffeur, and he can practically drive any vehicle.

"Driving was a passion earlier. Today, it is more like a perpetual habit you see!

The longest I have traveled so far is Pashupatinagar, Ilam to Darjeeling, India. It is almost like a thrilling life of a traveler; one gets to explore many unfamiliar territories in the course of duty.
Anyway, I also enjoy driving the kids of college to their surveys, camps. Although I seldom sing, it is always a pleasure to listen to the melodies of the youth all the way to the destination.

It’s been 18 years. acem is home now." He smiled.