Research and Innovation Unit at acem

acem has formed the Research and Innovation Unit, RIU. The Research and Innovation Unit plays a vital role in the further development of academic activities (including academic and research works) within the college, linking real-life activities in research. acem encourages students to cultivate an interest in research and make it a part of students’ life, beginning from small scale research work to moderate level, and to bigger projects to be accomplished in the future. 

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Sojan PrajapatiEr. Sojan Prajapati is a Head of Research and Innovation Unit of acem. He completed his master's degree from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and his bachelor's degree from Kathmandu University (KU). He previously worked at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as an analyst.

Dr. Sanjeema Bajracharya is an Acting Head of Research and Innovation Unit (RIU) of Advanced College of Engineering and Management, acem. She is also an Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Sanjeema Bajracharya achieved her PhD and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. She was awarded with the prestigious Japanese Government Scholarship during her study in Japan. She also has a combined one-year experience as a post-doctoral researcher in Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Research and Innovation Unit at acem

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Sojan Prajapati

Msc Engineering

Sanjeema Bajracharya

PhD in Civil Engineering