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A Master & his Hat

Posted on April 16, 2021 at 7:43 am By Admin

A Master & his Hat
A Master & his Hat ????
an acem story of Er. Prashant Ghimire

A solitary figure appeared relaxed towards the back of the moving bus. Before him, a few boys were discussing something. Several minutes passed by, the boys’ voices began to get louder. Strangely, this lone man sitting behind had a small smile on his face; perhaps because the center of their conversation was nobody but him.
Suddenly, one of the boys’ eyes fell upon the man. He jumped slightly before passing on this crucial information around.
And then the silence fell unlike any, their subsided noise reflected nothing but embarrassment. Why though? Why did the laughter and talks disappear at once?
Well, in fact, the man was none other than their lecturer and also a warden at the hostel. No sooner than that all the boys got off immediately, apparently earlier than their destination.
“It was then I realized that I should not be dissolved in a crowd. I should be distinct even amid the swarming mass of people. Wonder why?” Mr. Prashant Ghimire, popularly known as P.G. Sir questioned solemnly, his eyes shining in some secret enthusiasm.
“Nobody should get off before the arrival of their stop, do they?” Mr. Ghimire chuckled. “A promise was made within; a determined one to avoid such discomfort for my students.”
Since then he is not seen without a hat, it’s like his trademark. Today, if one remembers PG Sir, s/he also remembers the hat. It will not be wrong to pronounce that PG Sir without a hat is an incomplete image.

“It's always been quite a proud moment for me when even non-engineering students come up to greet me. In some way or the other, they seem to have taken at least a class or so. An interesting fact is they still happen to remember my own personal LSDS rule.” He smiled broadly before answering. “Lamo Saas, Dhaad Sidha to be precise.”

Born in Nepalgunj, Mr. Ghimire completed his education in Gujrat, India. “I have been teaching for the past 65 years. My mother was also a teacher, you see. So, her experience added to mine makes 65.” He explained. His eyes twinkling underneath the apparent sense of humor.

“I believe a teacher should always use a practical approach and create an environment so that students are at ease as well as in discipline at the same time.”
Today, Mr. Ghimire is a well-known name in engineering. Apart from the Advanced College of Engineering, he is also a pivotal part of various reputed engineering institutions. He remained in the post of warden for 8 years in IOE, Pulchowk Campus.
Nonetheless, he used to miss teaching if he was not doing so. “For me, natural ecstasy lies in teaching. And I love to spend most of my time with students.’ The man in a hat smiled again, this time in a quite meaningful way.