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A New Beginning

Posted on April 06, 2021 at 8:43 am By Admin

A New Beginning A New Beginning
an acem story of Ms. Simran Gautam and Nirajan Shrestha

Ever been to a room filled with entirely new people; people you have never seen before or spoken to? Well, in one way or another, we have all lived through such moments. One of such period of time can be on the very first day of college or school.

The fluttering butterflies in the stomach, however, seemed to have settled inside them; Miss Simran Gautam and Mr. Nirajan Shrestha appeared both humble and modest; the new members of the expanding acem family.

"My hometown is in Dang. And perhaps due to constant phone calls, video calls or maybe because I was away from home even during my high school, I do not get much of a homesick." Simran laughed at her own words.

"My uncle recommended acem as one of the best Engineering Colleges in town." She shared. "I cannot wait to study Programming. Seeing my family practice it, I began to develop interest towards it."

"Two of my brothers started their journey of engineering from acem itself which I am about to embark upon and pretty much excited for it." Nirajan explained with a nod and continued.
"Although my core focus is on studying. I am also interested in personality development and creativity.
I believe an engineer also requires to acquire and explore the humanitarian sides hidden inside them."

Apparently, youth today are quite aware of their roles, responsibilities and interests.
Both Simran and Nirajan are planning to perform in the upcoming Welcome Program. “It is not decided yet, but we will probably sing and dance.” They informed respectively.