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An Anecdote of a Freshman

Posted on May 06, 2021 at 12:57 pm By Admin

An Anecdote of a FreshmanAn Anecdote of a Freshman
an acem story of Om Ratna Bajracharya

On a shivering evening of November, a group of around 20 teenagers were chanting in a courtyard of a house, draped under a thousand lights. After a while, they left and continued to chant a couple of traditional songs mixed with a few tales of myth. It was well past midnight, but the enthusiasm of the group was not yet dampened. Apparently, they seemed to have lost track of time, perhaps, that was the reason why this Deusi Team were almost screaming in high spirits even at 2 a.m. in the morning. Only after the owner of the house, shrieked in rage, Om and his friends left. “We started from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next dawn and collected almost 25 thousand rupees. By the time we got home, we were freezing; an idea of a picnic helped, I guess.”

Mr. Om Ratna Bajracharya, a student of BCA first semester at Advanced College, informed happily about his amusing experience of Deepawali, a festival of lights. He did his schooling from Champidevi Secondary School and completed his higher education from Adarsha Saula Yubak Secondary School. “I was a Management student. Programming, and software development always attracted me nonetheless, as Graphic designing, editing greatly intrigued my ideas. Often, I do watch the tutorials and try to learn on my own during the leisure time ”
According to Mr. Bajracharya, he would like to represent acem in sports as well. “I especially have interest in football, volleyball, and in Kabaddi. Besides, photography is also my passion after drawing.

Well, for now, I miss going to college and the physical classes . It was hardly a week since we joined and the COVID-19 hit us all hard in the face again. However, we have online classes to gain knowledge from. I wonder what it must be like to those students who have the desire to learn yet are hindered from education due to disruption or lack of technology. I would like to help such students. I want to study along with volunteering. I raised a similar query during the recent live webinar of Advanced college along with the experts from UNV and Peace Corps.” He explained in a little thoughtful voice.

“We are altogether eight members in our family. I have five older sisters, and my parents. Four of the sisters are already married so we are just four at home at the moment in Bungmati.

Many years ago near Bungmati, I was once crossing the nearby field of oranges. I was just a little boy then. My young eyes could hardly shake off the sight of the colorful fruits, they were not just pleasant to look upon but also were juicy and extremely sweet. I picked one and rushed home. Terrified, I hastily changed outfits, thinkin I must have turned into somebody else after that; like perhaps the owner would not be able to recognize a boy who some minutes ago plucked an orange without his permission.” He laughed out at his own idea of mischief.

“I learned a lesson that day. Thanks to my parents, I was scolded but was forgiven at the same time. Children make mistakes, yet it is up to to the parents to mould such a situation into a proper lesson for their kids.” Mr. Bajracharya reflected quietly.