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Electronics IV Year Major Project Title and Abstract 2077

Posted on June 23, 2021 at 2:52 pm By Admin

Electronics IV Year  Major Project Title and Abstract 2077ABSTRACT
Since Nepal is agro based country, every aspect and household of this country directly links and benefits from agriculture in some way. But the agriculture industry of Nepal still lags behind in most of the aspect. The agriculture and the agro business are done with most of the manual labor and they are time consuming. We can change the way of agriculture, at least in the seeding and cultivating factor. The sole aim of this project is to increase the productivity of agro business in countries like Nepal. And tend to remove the manual and time consuming factor of agriculture which can be noted as the first part of it as plowing, seeding and irrigating. As we know the plowing of the field is done by ox, or any short of animals, which is a time consuming process, then afterward the process of seeding also takes some time and is also done manually. Thus if we can combine all these factors at once which will be done automatically which will be done by a robot vehicle. The robot we are going to build up will seed at optimal distance, adds necessary fertilized that can be mixed with water and plowing the farm land.  If we can remove different time for plowing and seeding the farmers and agro workers can benefit from. As the project tends to modernize the agro business which in return will change the socio-economic aspect of agriculture, agro business and the party involving and benefiting from such industry.

KEYWORDS: agriculture, agro-business, robot, seeding, plowing, irrigation.