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Electronics IV Year Major Project Title and Abstract 2077

Posted on June 23, 2021 at 2:59 pm By Admin

Electronics IV Year  Major Project Title and Abstract 2077ABSTRACT
 IOT or internet of things is an upcoming technology that allows us to control hardware devices through the internet. Here we propose to use IOT in order to control home appliances, thus automating modern homes through the internet and secure our home. This system uses three loads to demonstrate as house lighting, a fan and water level at water tank. Our user-friendly interface allows a user to easily control these home appliances through the internet by using an android app. For this system we use a Raspberry pi as microcontroller which handles all the tasks related to controlling different home appliances based on user voice command in Nepali language or the data being fetched from the cloud database which is updated by an android app. The android app can control the home appliances remotely by connecting to the cloud database