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Electronics IV Year Major Project Title and Abstract 2077

Posted on June 23, 2021 at 3:01 pm By Admin

Electronics IV Year  Major Project Title and Abstract 2077ABSTRACT
 With the advancement of technology things are becoming simpler and easier for us. This unit talks about basic definitions needed to understand the project better and further define the technical criteria to be implemented as a part of this project. Our project “Drone for delivery service” is of manual nature, yet it is able to deliver packages faster than human being. With the added feature of live streaming, it takes video of its flight. More commonly drones are known to be used in the situations where physical human approach is considered to be too risky or difficult. The drone flying at some height hence, it’s not disturbed by the traffic, and delivery is done on time. Similarly, it can also be used to provide surveillance facility in the disastrous as well as places with large areas that require monitoring. Thus, the project can be summarized as an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be used to deliver things and packages fast and safely and reaching of human is difficult and time consuming. This project is mainly focused on the use of drones as a delivery system where the packages are locked and secured, which is unlocked only when the receiver use the face recognition system fitted in the drone.