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Mathematics, an Approach to Help

Posted on July 05, 2021 at 7:06 pm By Admin

Mathematics, an Approach to Help

Mathematics, an Approach to Help
an acem story of Mr. Rajendra Paudyal


‘Mathematics? Most likely an organized effort to solve challenges posed by life.’

It is often said that the world was in chaos before the greatest mathematicians invented the logical methods as well as rational formulae to resolve all the uprising disorders. Mr. Rajendra Paudyal, Head of Department of Applied Sciences claims that ‘mathematics’ is found in every other aspect of our lives. 

“A long time back, a rooster’s crowing was taken as a clock that helped people to anticipate sunrise; an effective way to calculate the time. However, roosters have long been replaced by the alarm clocks since we need a precise point of time, an accurate number, you see? People can no longer work on the basis of mere guesswork. A figure or a number is required everywhere to estimate the exact value of all the matter, concerns or be it any interesting quest.” Mr. Paudyal explained in a bit of a muffled voice, perhaps, a protective mask was hindering the smooth flow of sound.

Born in Gulmi district, Mr. Paudyal entered Kathmandu valley after the completion of his SLC. “There is this consistent memory that still dwells in my mind whenever flashes of Gulmi pass by. Apparently, I happened to be like regular young boys, yes, a mischievous one. I was in 8th grade then, playing in the farmland near my home; this was a farm terrorized by monkey attacks.

Suddenly, on that specific day my eyes fell upon several monkeys across the farm and I sprinted  towards them at once, aiming to chase them away. Unfortunately, my legs bumped over something and I fell down awfully to the point of losing consciousness. It was a strange feeling, even after I opened my eyes.
Nonetheless, I have plenty of happy memories as well. Back in the day, I used to represent my school in Volleyball. I am still into it and also in badminton. Even so due to time constraints I have been away from the sports for quite some time.

Still, I, however, manage to make some time for bansuri, a flute. My skills are yet not refined, but this is something I have been passionately playing since my childhood. In fact, elders from my hometown used to offer me to play for them during festivals, mostly for my mother's Teej Program. Apart from that, I was interested in Khaijadi, an ethnic drum used during hymn, reverence, honor or worship. It eventually turned out to be a source of my pocket money. Well, a quick musical break is always productive, isn’t it?

Anyway, my journey at acem began in 2066 BS. Actually, it was the very next day after I did receive my formal M.Sc degree in Major Mathematics. It’s been more than a decade now, and I am content enough with my days here. 

Once, I was in Butwal for Dashain holidays. One of the students happened to be in the Rickshaw next to mine. He called out my name and surprised me pleasantly. Such instances are shorter but indeed worthwhile. 

Regarding particular area of Mathematics, Mr. Paudyal prefers Geometry. According to him, he finds it most intriguing of all. Even so, mathematics on the whole in itself is an interesting phenomena of solving problems. ‘I think students also enjoy the methods of calculations, the layers of problem solving techniques.

Like I previously mentioned, mathematics was introduced to solve our existing difficulties. Intentionally or otherwise, even the person unaware of this branch of discipline does practice it most of the time in order to acquire a simpler version of life.” Mr. Paudyal summed it up with a hint of pride in his voice.