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The Core of a Melody

Posted on June 18, 2021 at 6:23 pm By Admin

The Core of a Melody

The Core of a Melody
an acem story of Mr. Swejal Shrestha

Perhaps inaudible to the ears that are accustomed to the deafening blaring of vehicles, or of chaos, a steady rhythm of the heart still beats within us; thriving persistently inside a living body. In fact it is a mark; a thin line that separates life and death. Just as the constant beat of a heart, the tempo of a lowest pitch might go unnoticed although often regarded as a core of a song, especially the beat of a bass. 

Mr. Swejal Shrestha, a 4th year student & Class representative of Computer Engineering is also a sound musician, a bass guitarist of Abhyutthan Band. Although accomplished in many instruments, Mr. Shrestha chose a bass guitar as his tool of transformation into the world of melody. 

“As a child, I was pretty much like regular little boys, mischievous as well as prone to accidents. However, as the days passed by, I grew up to be a rather opposite of what I previously used to be.” Mr. Shrestha shared.

“As an introvert, I am constantly aware of the fact that I am probably not very good with the words. It was later that I realized the rigid emotions could still circulate, even change the regular directions to master the unknown or unseen territories. Well, this is how I express myself in music. Every tiny unsaid or unshared words turn themselves into a rhythm of my guitar.” Born in a vibrant Newari culture, Mr. Swejal Shrestha joined acem influenced by one of his friends’ ideas. 
“I have made great friends in acem. In one way or the other, it's because of my friends in acem and beyond who have encouraged me in the field of engineering and also in music. When I look back, my younger self might never have thought of being an engineer or a guitarist. Yet here I am, gladly learning like never before.

In the beginning, music was more of a hobby to me. Gradually, I started to enjoy it more. It was almost like another language, you see. I could express myself here with no hint of anxiety. My family supported me and I joined a band. Originally, this band was formed by my cousin. As for now, we have already published our music album and have a YouTube channel under our band name Abhyutthan.

Actually, we are still struggling to leave a mark in the music industry. The journey happens to be strangely difficult for the new artists as the newbies rarely get to perform or showcase their talents in concerts. Nevertheless, we have managed to introduce ourselves to thousands of music lovers.” Mr. Shrestha explained before continuing on his musical journey.

“Regarding our lyrics, our band largely highlights the theme such as political instability, rape, crime, uplifting lifestyles among others. You know what, I do feel quite a surge of pride to be a part of such a talented team.

All the same, I have often been told that a bass guitarist is usually overlooked. Ironically, it is almost not unlike an introvert lost in a crowd. Similarly, even amid the various layers of a song, a bass’ beat passes by. I cherish these connections since even the form of the music I play reflects my inner self.”