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The One that Guards acem

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 8:49 am By Admin

The One that Guards acemThe One that Guard acem
an acem story of Mr. Shyam Rana

Most of the acemians recall him as "Shyam Dai." The very same gentleman is among the first ones to greet you in the morning. Long before the sun rises and officially starts a day, he is there already, right at the entrance. A few warm words of welcome remain in the hearts of passers-by although the moment fades away in no time.

Mr. Shyam Rana is in Advanced College for the past 20 years as security personnel. He and his team are actively serving the institution even during the nights.

"I was born in Sidhupalchowk and did my schooling from Indreshwori Madhyamik Vishyalaya, Melamchi, Sidhupalchowk. Just like in regular engineering classes, our class also had a majority number of boys while the girls were only a handful.

Those were the good old days!
And I am still in contact with most of my school friends. Some of them are in the army, a few have promoted as the headmasters while some also lost their lives during Maoist insurgency period.” He heaved a sigh. Perhaps many happy memories of those late friends might have caused some agony within.

“I, as a child was quite mischievous, I could not resist the beat of a madal; a double-headed drum mostly used for folk music in Nepal.
Whenever I hear somebody play a madal, even if it was in a distance or in the middle of a night, I used to leave home at that precise moment to enjoy the rhythm created by the dear old traditional instrument.

I love movies as well, especially of the action genre. My favorite actors are Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Uprety. And guess what I have already worked on some music videos such as ‘Hansi Hansi Bola Mayale’, and another one with Durgesh Thapa. Apart from that, you can also see me in a Nepali Movie ‘Captain’.” Mr. Rana shared in enthusiasm. “My daughter is also an artist you see.” He added.

“In our days, the mediums of communications were only mails. We use to write it a lot and pass on the messages as we fancied. Today, technology has made everything accessible and effortless. It is pretty easier to share information to remain in touch you know. Still, I get a feeling that we are apart, but not a part of one another’s lives.” He shook his head, probably disapproving of these trending lifestyles.