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Congratulations to our selected students! Huawei- Seeds for the future

Posted on December 02, 2021

Huawei selected 20 undergraduate students – from ICT-related academic background for the opportunity to join an online experience around technology, innovation and cross-cultural exchange from Nov 29 – Dec 6.
During the 8-day program, the participants will:
• receive entry level and advanced courses on key technologies, including 5G, cloud computing and AI
• experience the traditional and modern China through virtual tours of Chinese scenic spots or fast growing companies
• hear from Huawei experts, external entrepreneurs, professors or scientists who will share perspectives on a wide range of topics from
cybersecurity to aerospace industry
• immerse in an interactive and dynamic classroom where group discussion, debate, round table
dialogues will be arranged to ensure cross-cultural exchanges with fellows from other countries
• participate in “Tech4Good” group project to increase social entrepreneurship ability, build
problem solving and leadership skills through team work, and deepen a sense of social
• get a glimpse at Huawei’s history and technological developments including virtual tours of Huawei exhibition halls, campus and stores
They will officially join the alumni community where exclusive webinars, round table dialogue, celebration event etc. will be held all year round to strengthen the sense of belonging.
After the online course, they will also get first-hand insight of
the ICT industry in Nepal via
• a visit to Huawei Nepal office
• classes from industry experts
• an overnight trip to a Huawei-built base station at a scenic location.
*These will take place sometime in December 2021.