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MoU with Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal

Posted on March 21, 2021

March 17, 2021: Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem) signs MoU with Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN) in the premise of Hotel Marriot, Naxal. Mr. Ramesh Kumar Silwal, Chairman, signed the agreement on behalf of acem alongside Chairman of IPPAN, Mr. Krishna Prasad Acharya. The MoU highlights howboth parties from two different sectorswork together for the amelioration of the students as well as the industry.
“By striking up corporate partnerships, any academic institutions like Advanced Engineering who are eager to work with industries can take a lead in producing competitive human resources in Nepal itself”, IPPAN Chairman, Mr. Krishna Acharya stated as he addressed the audiences. According to him, such initiatives will open the door to produce experts in Nepal itself.
Mr. Ramesh Kr. Silwal, Chairman of Advanced Engineering stressed the worth of such association. He focused more on how crucial it is for the potential academicians which helps partners in the long run.
Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi, the executive director, appreciated the keen interest of IPPAN to work together with the academia and also on the fruitful journey they are about to embark upon together. Ms. Abhigya Malla, however, shared her concern over the low engagement of girls’ students in the Power sector. She hoped this initiation of Advanced Engineering would promote more female experts to the field.
Vice president of IPPAN, Mr. Ashish Garg stated the various advantages of industry-academia collaboration and appreciated the initiatives of the college to work with the industry closely. He hoped this partnership with Advanced Engineering will be beneficial to both involved organizations.
Why academia should associate with industries? Er. Uddav Chalaugain, Director, acem, and ERMC explained how industry-educational institutions alliance provides students and faculty with additional opportunity for research and experiments with the help of funding given the by trade.
MoU with Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal