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Space Debris and Its Tracking System

Posted on January 11, 2023

An informative session on Global Network of Space Debris Tracking System was organized in the premises of Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem) on 10th of January, 2023. The session was led by Dr. Paolo Marzioli from University of Sapienza Rome, Italy; he presented his ideas and expertise on space debris and the tracking system. The presentation was followed by the interaction between Dr. Marzioli and Dr. Abhas Maskey, founder of Antarikchya Pratisthan Nepal (APN).

During the session, the participants put forward their queries and curiosity regarding space and the latest technology that can track the debris. At present, University of Sapienza Rome and APN are collaborating to build a space satellite/debris observation and tracking system in Nepal. 

Space Debris and Its Tracking System