AI Research Center at acem

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Research Center is an independent unit recently established in the Advanced College of Engineering and Management with a dual objective. This research center aims to provide comprehensive training and workshops on AI and related topics, catering to both students and faculty from various departments. In addition to this, the research center intends to foster a culture of research engagement by encouraging active participation of students in various research grants and seminars.
With cutting-edge technology and resources, the AI Research Center serves as a hub for learning and collaboration, positioning the college at the forefront of technological advancements. This inclusive initiative reflects the commitment to involving students from every department, creating a dynamic learning environment, and preparing them for the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Department Coordination Wing

Artificial Research Center

Core Research Wing

The Core Research Wing of AI Research Center is a dedicated team focused on cutting-edge research in the field of artificial intelligence. Our primary objective is to apply for research grants and attract talented and proficient students who are passionate about AI and eager to contribute to groundbreaking research projects.