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The Secret of Happiness

Posted on June 17, 2021 at 9:00 pm By Admin

The Secret of HappinessThe Secret of Happiness
an acem story of Mr. Sagun Shrestha

“As it is often said, life is what we make it. The twists and turns might already be there; still our choices matter. Our preferences and hard work can alter the course of our lives.”

As a matter of choice, he begins every morning with meditation alongside his mother. The chanting of holy prayers and ringing of bells almost never fail to brighten up his day. In the other room, a bundle of work awaits him. Soon, his hurried footsteps would direct towards this room where he’d settle down for his duty.

This is how a typical day of Mr. Sagun Shrestha appears to be in the lockdown. Had the situation been normal, he could be spotted behind a grilled window in the Account Section of acem building, busy beside a countless number of files. It’s been 12 years in acem, he is a Senior Account Officer here. However, he is also an astrologer-in-making. In fact, Mr. Shrestha has been taking professional courses to master this branch of Science.

“The Science of Astrology is not to be confused with baseless predictions, this ancient reading actually deals with the facts and mathematical calculations in order to largely minimize the foreseen danger. I chose this way because I always find happiness in helping others.

Well, I believe one does not need to leave this physical world to experience heaven or hell. It’s already here, you know, even a body thriving with life could see it. Have you ever experienced the feeling of extreme joy while giving out what you have? Precisely for me, that very rejoice is also a touch of paradise. ” Mr. Shrestha shared.

Born in Patandhoka, Lalitpur, Mr. Sagun Shrestha started to work right after his SLC. “Apparently my family did not want me to hang out at home during the holidays. So I began working straight away.” He graduated with a BBS degree from Pashupati Multiple Campus whereas completed his Master’s in Business Studies degree from Shankar Dev Campus, Kathmandu. Currently, he lives with his mother, wife, and two children in Jorpati.

Unlike his serious duties and responsibilities, Mr. Shrestha is a fun loving person. “It might be almost 18 years ago, I had just received my salary that day. Suddenly, a friend turned up at work with his motorbike and with the bulging pockets we decided to hang out nearby. We thought we should ride a little more and turn back, maybe around Kalanki and return home. But in no time, we were in Daman. I still remember exactly how my mother scolded me then.

Similarly, one day I had walked out of home to have a new haircut with a couple of friends. Eventually, we ended up going to Tatopani. We were young and light-hearted, we would end up in strange situations and places a lot of times.” He laughed before continuing.
“I have similar incidents with Kishor Sir and Mahesh Sir as well in our Trip to India.

Recently in Pokhara, as per the locals claim we had to walk 1k.m. to get fresh fish. We walked for hours but even after 7k.m. of hiking, there was no sign of fish. On top of that, it started to rain. We had no choice but to return, I’m a vegetarian so it didn’t bother me too much but I can imagine how an expecting hungry mouth might have felt to return empty stomach in a downpour.

If I ever have free time, I would love to visit pilgrimage and holy sites. I have travelled up to Pathibhara, Taplejung. The journey was challenging yet worthwhile. Now as I look back, I see so many colorful memories. I guess that is what life is about isn’t it?” Mr. Shrestha questioned lightly.