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‘Information Session - Know Germany'

Posted on July 09, 2022

Advanced College of Engineering and Management Organized a ‘Information Session-Know Germany’ in Association with Goethe-Zentrum Kathmandu

Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem) organized a program ‘Know Germany’ in partnership with the Goethe-Zentrum Kathmandu (GZK) on July 6, 2022 in the premises of acem. This information session highlighted the hybrid model of German course to be conducted in acem. The major attraction was Chief Guest of the session, Ms. Laura Lugbauer from the Consular Department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Nepal. Expert team of GZK, Mr. Sebastian Woitsch, Director Mr. Benjamin Matern, Head of Language Department, Mr. Subash Thapaliya, Language teacher, and Ms. Marie Sophie Schild, an official of GZK contributed largely to the program.

Ms. Laura Lugbauer, representing the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany expressed her gratitude to the acem family and also voiced the support of the embassy towards acem. Ms. Lugbauer informed that Germany will always cooperate with Nepal to enhance its education, technology amid others. Moreover, she praised that Nepal is on the right track in providing academic training in the engineering sector. “I am delighted to see such a huge number of enthusiastic students dedicated to learning the German language. This will eventually lead students one step closer to Germany and international exposure.” Ms. Lugbauer also stated. “Therefore, I highly encourage students to join the Engineering Colleges of Germany to broaden the dimensions of learning.” She added.

Mr. Sebastian Woitsch, Director of the GZK, shared a short history behind the name Goethe and how it reflects the diverse culture and arts of the nation. “Goethe is a leading language center and is a part of an incredible network of more than 200 institutes of the world.” He stated. Apparently, GZK has a skilled team of specialists from across the globe.

Mr. Benjamin Matern, Head of Language Department at GZK in coordination with Mr. Subash Thapaliya, German language teacher and Ms. Marie Sophie Schild, an official of GZK, helped the audiences to explore Germany, its advanced education, culture, turbulent past, historic places, wonderful festivals, unique civilization and obviously the rich language in a truly artistic manner.

Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi, Executive Director of acem, appreciated the valuable time of Ms. Lugbauer as well as the German scholars during the ‘vote of thanks’. In brief words, Mr. Regmi shared his experience of Germany and the importance of German language while at the country. He also opined that such events help to enlighten not just the interested students but also the overall participants.

Er. Sojan Prajapati, Project Executive of Research and Innovation Unit (RIU) of acem shared his own nostalgic memories and significant values of international education in his life. He completed his Masters in Engineering from Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. 


‘Information Session - Know Germany'